Youtube Beauty Gurus

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Lately I’ve found myself consumed in the world of “the beauty guru”… on Youtube that is. It’s crazy to explore Youtube and find dozens of people and channels you LOVE watching. I seem to find a new person I am obsessed with every couple of weeks. After that, I’m sold and I end up watching all of their videos religiously. It sort of becomes an addiction.

Finding new people so regularly makes me wonder how many other beauty gurus are on there that I am missing out on. Youtube is a unique place. You can find the over-the-top people who put on a show for their viewers or the simple more down to Earth gurus, who I tend to watch.

Before I got sucked into this vortex I wasn’t one who wanted… actually NEEDED, to try all these new products. Now when I watch a product review video or an empties video, where the youtuber shows all of their trash and used up products and let’s you know how they liked them, I instantly feel this urge to run out to the store and buy these products for myself. The urge triples when I see that multiple beauty gurus are raving about the same product.

The nice thing about the beauty gurus I have come to love is that a majority of them are advocates for the drug store! When I see awesome make-up products, hair care products, or even skin care products that are dirt cheap, and they seem to have loved them,it only makes me want to try them even more.

I wouldn’t think that I would be one to get into this routine but WOW, if anything I have saved money by not wasting money on products I know aren’t worth it and also I have found a surplus of products I have genuinely fallen in love with. Who wouldn’t want to watch a real person trying out real products?

Here is a list of my favorite Youtubers:

Stay simple, stay classy, stay YOU!



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